Birthdays, Baptisms and ceremonies in Riccione

Celebrate on the beach…

A very special day like the baptism of a child, a birthday to remember or any other kind of ceremony can be improved with a celebration in front of the sea of Riccione!

Having a birthday party or a ceremony at Hotel Abner’s is really easy:
The chef and his kitchen brigade await the idea that you want to propose to your guests, the Maitre will be waiting to know the theme and nuances for your party.

We can provide a professional children entertainment with several activities for the kids: baby dance, child make-up and a variety of laboratories and ways to enjoy their time at Hotel Abner’s Riccione. Our service is greatly appreciated, in particular during birthday parties of several kids or during grown-ups birthdays or marriages.

Dj Set or live music will guide you through the day, baby cinema might be a great idea… there is no solution that we cannot offer you so that you can live the day exactly how you are imagining it.

You will be the one in charge to choose how to do it: a classical served meal, a mix between aperitivo and dinner or snacks; you could choose to be served by our waiters or give your guests total freedom… a bit like at your home, just bigger and without having to do anything.

Organise birthdays, baptisms and ceremonies in Riccione, at Hotel Abner’s it’s easy, fast and convenient!

For your special day, ask for more information: