Swimming Championships in Riccione

Swimming championships and tournaments in Riccione

Riccione is one of the main cities for swimming in Italy. Right in Riccione at the Swim Stadium, Stadio del Nuoto in Italian, several events are scheduled: national competitions, races and international championships mainly organised by the FIN, the Italian swimming federation.

Stadio del Nuoto in Riccione

The place where the most awaited races are scheduled is the Stadio del Nuoto, a complete sport center that is the place where the synchronised swimming, water polo, diving, swimming championships and more are hosted. The swimming stadium is composed of two olympic pools (one covered) and two diving pools. In the Italian swimming circuit, the Riccione swimming pool is nowadays a reference point at the top level. Every year there are dozens of master, youth and open championships that drive interest towards the swimming pool.

Swimming races at sea, not only in the pool

Swimming Championship are hosted not only at the Riccione Swimming Pool but being a seaside city, there are several competitions at sea. The Adriatic sea of Riccione usually hosts open water championships, triathlon races and lifesaving competitions. It is indeed in the lifesaving sector that the light will shine on the city of Riccione. In September 2019 Riccione hosted the European Lifesaving Championship that took place both at the Stadio del Nuoto and at sea. Riccione will also be the hosting city for the 2020 Lifesaving World Championship that will take place in September 2020.

Hotel Abner’s 4-star hotel close to racing start and close to Stadio del Nuoto Riccione

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