Your 4-star breakfast

The best way to start your day in Riccione

Lunch and dinner are a fundamental element of holidays, especially for stays on the occasion of summer holiday, New Year’s Eve or Easter. But it is widely known that breakfast is the first and more important meal of the day, other than being one of the main aspects that will impact a hotel evaluation.

And breakfast is one of the areas where we excel. We do not say that, it’s the amount of compliments that we receive from our guests that makes us say so. Our breakfast offers you everything you may want to start your day in the best way: the Italian breakfast lovers and those who want to have a sweet wake-up will surely love our selection of fresh pastries, croissants, brioches, jams, marmalades and so on. If you happen to love a more hearty breakfast, you will enjoy our choice of cheese, cold cuts, bacon, eggs cooked to order and bread of the best qualities. As many of our products, we favour local producer, be sure to try out everything!

Of course, we will give you the possibility to have fresh fruit, as we also offer a corner with organic products and products for those people who suffer from food allergies.

When you say a 4-star breakfast…