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Advance Booking is not just a discount for your holiday in Riccione, it is customizing a perfect stay with us!

It's now time to think about holidays and the beauty of doing it a little in advance is not limited to the discount, which is still important!

Book in advance to find all our active offers and all types of rooms available.

We have thought of many formulas, from the classic Early Booking, a discount on the total stay, but also the highly appreciated 7=6 weeks (one night is free), or even inclusions: in some weeks, if you book a Full Board or Half Board package, we can include the service you prefer (Beach, Parking, Drinks with meals!)

But even more important than the type of room, the service, or the discount is the possibility of creating, together with our booking managers, a completely tailor-made holiday, which takes into account your expectations, your desires, your budget or needs ( small children, family rooms...)

Advance Booking encloses all these possibilities... in a few words and without any commitment, you can receive a completely personalized proposal!

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